While we are the guides, you are the creators! You know what resonates best with your audience, and we want you to get creative. We educate our brands on the importance of providing creative freedom, which is why you'll see minimal requirements for each collab. Keep reading to get the low-down on our collab requirements.

The majority of ApexDrop collabs involve sharing one (1) static post on your Instagram feed. When you click into a collab, the type of post required (i.e. Instagram Post, Instagram Story, Instagram Swipe-Up) is listed under the collab title. 

This collab requirement is sharing an Instagram Post. This is the most common.

This collab requirement is sharing an Instagram Swipe-Up (feature on an IG Story available to creators with 10K+ followers).


If you're loving your product(s), then share them on your Instagram feed as the type of post that is required (i.e. Instagram Post, Instagram Story, Instagram Swipe-Up). Please feature the product (preferably your favorite and not the full bundle). Take products out of boxes and remove plastic wraps. For apparel and accessories, wear them! For other products, use them!

Example of collab requirements slide:

This example collab is for Beauty products.

Collab requirements slide continued:

All collabs require tagging the brand in your post. Use their recommended hashtags. Disclose that the products were gifted by thanking the brand.

Please abide by general social media etiquette and refrain from using profane language, showcase nudity, and share content that would be inappropriate and out of touch for that specific brand.


We'd never want you to promote a product/brand that you did not love as we want you to stay authentic with your followers! If you have a product issue, email support@apexdrop.com, but if the product did not meet your expectations, then share feedback in the survey*. That feedback will count as your full participation for that collab.

*We encourage creators to try out new products (that's part of the fun!), however, please do not apply to collabs that you know you will be unable to use or promote on your feed.